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Hi and thank you for shopping at my Big Cartel store!  My new store has lots more to choose from - click here to visit that store. I've downgraded this shop to the bare essentials in case you've received a business card from me recently with this shop on there instead.

I started making yoga hair ties because I wanted to create something useful but also beautiful.  I love putting together collections of colors and patterns and I hope you find something you like!

Yoga hair ties are great because they don't make that harsh crimp in your hair that traditional hair ties tend to leave behind.  I always end up with soft waves instead, which is a big improvement!  They look great on your wrist and I especially have always loved wearing them during yoga because some postures are easier with your hair up and out of your face while others are easier with your hair down and yoga hair ties are perfect for that quick transition.

Other than making hair ties, I also write a blog called Girl About Town that's all about my hometown of Dayton, Ohio.